NTSG Personnel

Lucas Jones

Research Scientist



Ph.D., Systems Ecology                                 2016
University of Montana

M.S.,  Forestry                                                 2007
University of Montana

B.S., Resource Conservation                         2005
Magna Cum Laude 
Honors Scholar
University of Montana

Selected Publications

Jones, L.A., J.S. Kimball, R. Reichle, N. Madani, et al. The SMAP Level-4 Carbon product for
monitoring ecosystem land-atmosphere CO2 exchange. IEEE Trans. on Geosci. and Rem. Sens., (in

Du, J., J.S. Kimball, Jones, L.A. Passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture based on
dynamic vegetation scattering properties for AMSR-E, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Rem. Sens., 54(1), pp.
2520-31, 2016.

Kimball, J.S., L.A. Jones, J. Glassy, R. Reichle. SMAP Level-4 global daily 9-km carbon net
ecosystem exchange, Version 2, [digital media, http://dx.doi.org/10.5067/UBKO5ZUI7I5V], NASA
National Snow and Ice Data Center DAAC, Boulder, CO, USA. 2016.

Jones, L.A., J.M. Bardsley, J.S. Kimball, W.T. Crow. 2015. Joint state and uncertainty estimation
with redundant observations containing Markov noise. Montana Uncertainty Quantification Conference,
Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Missoula, MT, USA. (Oral Presentation)

Jones, M.O., Jones, L.A., J.S. Kimball, K.C. McDonald. Satellite passive microwave remote sensing
for monitoring global land surface phenology. Rem. Sens. Environ., 115, pp. 1102-14, 2011.

Jones, L.A., C.R. Ferguson, J.S. Kimball, K. Zhang, S.K. Chan, K.C. McDonald, E.G. Njoku, and
E.F. Wood. Satellite microwave remote sensing of daily surface air temperature minima and maxima
from AMSR-E, IEEE J. Selected Topics in Applied Earth Obs. and Rem. Sens., 3(1), pp. 111-23,

Jones, L.A., J.S. Kimball, K.C. McDonald, K. Zhang, S.K. Chan, and E.G. Njoku. Satellite mi-
crowave remote sensing of boreal and arctic soil temperatures from AMSR-E, IEEE Trans. Geosci.
Rem. Sens., 45(7), pp. 2004-18, 2007.

Jones, L.A., E.K. Heyerdahl. Jones fire history data from Lubrecht Experimental Forest [digital media,
http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/study/6045], National Climatic Data Center, NESDIS, NOAA,
U.S. Department of Commerce. Boulder, CO, USA. 2005.


For full publications list please see my Google scholar profile here.




IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

American Geophysical Union


Specialized Skills

Quantitative/Analytical:  Bayesian Learning, Inverse Problems, Data Assimilation, Algorithms, Radiative Transfer

Scripting:  Python, MATLAB, R, Perl, Bash.

Complied: C/C++

Operating Systems: Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), Windows


Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Research Scientist                    2017 - present
University of Montana

Research Staff Scientist                                  2013 -2016
University of Montana

Graduate Research Assistant                         2005 -2013
University of Montana

International Experience

Sydney, Australia, (Workshop Instructor), Jones, L. A., S. Moran. Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission Applications and Outreach Workshop. University of Technology - Sydney, April 2018.

Beijing China, (Oral Presentation), Jones, L.A., J.S. Kimball, N. Madani, R. Reichle, J. Glassy, J. Ardizone The SMAP Level-4 Carbon Product for monitoring ecosystem land-atmosphere CO2 exchange. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. July 2016.

Vienna, Austria, (Invited Oral Presentation), Jones, L.A., J. Du, J.S. Kimball. The UMT Passive Microwave Land Parameter Database Version 1.2u1 and planned updates. European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative Soil Moisture Round Robin Workshop, March 2013.

Cape Town, South Africa, (Oral Presentation), Jones, L.A., J.S. Kimball, E. Podest, K.C. McDonald, S.K. Chan, and E.G. Njoku. A method
for deriving land fraction surface moisture, vegetation optical depth, and open water fraction from
AMSR-E. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, July 2009.

Honors / Awards

NASA Group Achievement Award for contributing science algorithm and calibration/validation activities for the Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission (SMAP), 2018

NASA Earth System Science Fellow  ($90K total, 3-years), 2011-2013

Joint (NASA, NOAA, DoD) Center for Satellite Data Assimilation Summer Colloquium, Santa Fe,
NM, USA, (Supported Travel), 2012.

Earth System Modeling and Supercomputing Summer Short Course, NASA Ames Research Center,
Moffett Field, CA, USA, (Supported Travel), 2012.

Modeling the Arctic System Summer School, International Arctic Research Center, University of
Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK, (Supported Travel) 2011.